Little Kickers Richards Bay & Dolphin Coast

"Little Kickers summed up everything about me and all the values I was taught and held dear growing up, the man I am today and the fundamentals I hope to teach and pass onto my son Aleko and all the Little Kickers we have a pleasure of crossing paths with, as we go along this journey of - FAMILY, FUN, and FRIENDSHIP."   Miroslav Meduric - Coach Miki, Little Kickers Richards Bay & Dolphin Coast franchise owner and lead coach.

Private Venues:-

1. Richards Bay Baptist Church Hall, Number 5 Rooisbosrand, Arboretum, Richards Bay.

2. Solid Ground Church Sports Complex, R102 road, R5 Turn-Off, Empangeni.

3. Ballito – Coming Soon!

*List of schools - TBC

Open Days:-  During the month of February we will be running “Play Dates” on Saturdays, where the kids can bring along a friend to their class, and if they sign on with your referral, we will give you and extra class for free. Anyone that is interested in Little Kickers and would like to join us for a fun filled free class, is more than welcome to come through to our Saturday class upon appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!!


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