Little Kickers Top 25 Franchisee

With more than 45 000 children participating in Little Kickers worldwide and more than 270 franchises across the globe, Little Kickers Midrand #1 owned by Manuela Jardim and Little Kickers Bedfordview #3 owned by Rui da Costa, where recognised as two of the leading teams in the world.

Little Kickers has four different age groups run by a network of hardworking franchisees across 26 countries. Little Kicks which caters for children from 18 months to two-and-a-half years old; Junior Kickers for children between two-and-a-half and four years old; Mighty Kickers for children aged between four and six years; and Mega Kickers for players between the ages of six and eight.


The willingness of a large group of people to invest hundreds of thousands of hours of hard work, uncompromising commitment to the happiness and well-being of our children, teams of employees and a real passion to be the best at what we all do.’ CEO Christine Stanschus continues ‘I'm so grateful to everyone involved, and so proud to be a part of this!’


Manuela Jardim the proud owner of Little Kickers Midrand  said ‘Little Kickers is so much more than just Football. The impact and positive effect it has on so many young lives is amazing to see, whether that’s from an educational angle, adding a little confidence or just by providing a positive introduction to sport. Simply put, we love what we do.’

Little Kickers Midrand and Little Kickers Bedfordview run a host of fun-filled classes for boys and girls in the local area and the ever increasingly popular classes continue to grow from strength to strength.

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