Why Little Kickers?

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Little Kickers Franchise:

1. Franchising Excellence: with 16 years experience of running classes, and 14 years franchising experience, we are firmly established as a market leader in our industry.

2. Proven System: the support that we provide to our franchisees is second to none. We’ve invested heavily in developing our IT and operational infrastructure, whilst consulting on a regular basis with our network of franchisees to ensure that we are providing them with the support they need.

3. Industry recognition: we have subjected our business model to the rigours of the British Franchise Association (BFA), Canadian Franchise. Association (CFA) and the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA), and have been awarded membership of each. Further to this, we were finalists in the BFA’s “Franchisor of the Year” awards in 2009 and 2011 in the “Best Franchisee Support” category and won the Canadian Franchise Association overall Franchisor of the Year Award in 2014.  

4. Work / Life Balance: whether you are a parent, frazzled by the challenges of juggling work and family life, or a recent graduate who finds the prospect of a traditional 9 to 5 job unappealing, a Little Kickers franchise could be for you. Subject to working a minimum of 25 hours per week, our franchisees are able to set up and run successful businesses whilst also spending valuable time focusing on their interests outside of work. Our focus on using IT to minimise mundane administrative tasks, enables franchisees to spend their working hours focusing on more interesting aspects of their businesses which really add value.

5. Brand Equity: the Little Kickers brand is instantly recognizable in the countries where we operate, and is synonymous with quality and fun. The company has featured on television (ITV, BBC, CBC, Milkshake etc) and in print media (The Telegraph, Sunday Times, BBC website, Evening Standard, Daily Mail and Daily Express). We also focus heavily on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and have a strong social media presence (Facebook, Twitter etc). Our established brand provides franchisees with a great platform to develop their businesses in their local markets. Franchisees are also provided with access to an online resource which contains customizable marketing and advertising collateral so they can tailor their materials to suit the requirements of their local market.

6. Committed to your Success: over 90% of the members of the Little Kickers Head Office Team are successful ex-franchisees so have concrete experience in running their own businesses. The team has specialists in the key operational areas of the business - coaching, IT system, finance, marketing etc, all of whom are on hand to assist you whenever you need a little extra help. We are committed to staying abreast of developments in the industry - our UK Director of Operations and Finance Directors are amongst only a handful of individuals who have received the respected Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) qualification in the UK.

7. Programme recognition: in addition to memberships of the BFA, CFA and FCA, Little Kickers are the only operator of pre-school football classes in the UK to have been asked to have representation on the technical committee for the UK Football Association’s development of the Early Years Qualification. Little Kickers operation has been reviewed by the Fitness Industry Association, and meets their ethical standards.

8. Ongoing development: our programme is constantly evolving in response to market requirements and feedback from our franchisees. We initially started with Junior Kickers and Mighty Kickers classes and have since added Little Kicks and Mega Kickers, birthday parties, holiday courses, nursery classes, Little Rugby, etc. This focus on continuous enhancement means that Little Kickers franchisees can stay ahead of the curve and outperform competitors.

9. Excellent initial and ongoing training: our initial training programme provides franchisees with a thorough understanding of all aspects of running a Little Kickers business, from cashflow forecasts and breakeven analysis to health and safety guidelines. Ongoing training is also available in the form of regular coaching masterclasses and coach assessments, business healthchecks, the performance enhancement programme and specific training for new products.

10. Communications: we recognize that much of the businesses’ success comes from listening to our franchisees, and implementing their ideas. Forums are organized by Head Office covering a range of subjects such as IT, Marketing, Coaching etc, and are attended by franchisees who are interested in participating.

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Overview of Little Kickers

Established in the UK in 2002, Little Kickers is approaching its 17th year of operation.


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Why Little Kickers?

With 14 years franchising experience, we are firmly established as a market leader


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